A Parent Mentoring Support Program

The greatest asset a child can have is a strong family.

GCF Family Support Services® supports, educates
and provides connections for families
of children with special needs and those
born prematurely or needing special care.

Who can access our services?

  • Any family member interested in services in any of the counties we serve in Eastern North Carolina.
  • Any professional needing information–including social workers, medical professionals, teachers, and Child Service Coordinators

What we provide:

When can we help?

  • At birth or time of diagnosis
  • During transition periods
  • When you need to talk with someone who has been “through it”
  • When dealing with educational or other concerns
  • When you are concerned about other family members
  • When illness strikes
  • When dealing with day-to-day matters
  • Planning for your child’s future
  • When you are new to the community or thinking of moving to the area

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